Concrete Lifting/Leveling

Put Your Home Back on Solid Ground

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If you have an uneven floor, driveway or sidewalk at your Old Fort & Marion, NC area home, it's likely that the soil beneath your home is unstable. When you need a sturdy solution to uneven concrete surfaces, count on Specialized Foam and Coatings, LLC for concrete lifting services.

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3 good reasons to repair your concrete

Unlike concrete replacement, concrete leveling can:

  • Save you money-Tearing out old concrete and pouring new can cost up to three times as much as concrete lifting.
  • Save you time-Concrete leveling is non-invasive, so you'll be able to use your improved surface right away.
  • Solve the underlying problem-Building a new concrete slab on top of uneven soil without leveling the ground itself doesn't solve the real problem.

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