Is Your Worn-Out Insulation Leaving You Cold?

Explore the benefits of spray foam insulation in Old Fort, Marion, and all Western North Carolina!

When it's time to replace the old, worn-out insulation in your Old Fort & Marion, NC area home, trust the experts at Specialized Foam and Coatings, LLC for efficient spray foam insulation services. Spray foam insulation can protect your home for longer than traditional insulation methods, and at a lower cost.

Find out why spray foam insulation is right for your home. Reach out today to schedule a consultation 828-808-6923.

New Construction

Make sure your new home is well-insulated.

Spray Foam Coating Marion, NC


Upgrade your insulation for improved energy-efficiency.

Retrofits Marion, NC

Concrete Lifting/Leveling

Get the surface of your floor or driveway level again.

Concrete Lifting Marion, NC

Other Services

Get rid of your old insulation fast.

Spray institutional Marion, NC

Restore your concrete in 3 easy steps

In the Old Fort & Marion, NC area, uneven soil causes a lot of concrete surfaces to sink and tilt, which in turn is a tripping hazard. If your floor, sidewalk or driveway no longer sits on a level, it's time for concrete restoration services from Specialized Foam and Coatings.

Our concrete leveling process is simple. Our experts will:

Drill either a 3/8th or 5/8th in holes, depending on the size of the job, in your concrete surface.

Inject polyurethane and foam into the hole to level the ground.

Fill in the holes, so your concrete looks as good as new.

Make sure you're standing on solid ground. Contact us now to schedule concrete restoration services.

Choose an insulation contractor you can count on

When you need spray foam insulation services for your home in the Old Fort & Marion, NC area, turn to a contractor who is:

  • Hardworking-we combine the motivation of a big corporation with the personalized service of a local firm.
  • Versatile-we've insulated all kinds of spaces, from small homes to large agricultural buildings.
  • Customer-oriented-we'll keep you informed about all your options, and won't stop until you're completely satisfied with the results.


Speak with a skilled insulation contractor about your options. Call 828-808-6923 today.



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